Quiz Answers

What is my favourite colour? Obviously gold 

What is my bra size? 32G atm 

What is my favourite kind of outfit to shoot in? Love pvc , knee boots , straps with sexy lingerie 

What model past or present would I pick to duo with? This is hard I love all the girls iv shot with for different reasons but I have the most fun with Lana Parker & Robyn James a trio would be great. 

What animal would I be and why? Dolphin, Iā€™m such a water baby love the sea and feeling free 

What year did my website start?Ā I actually have no idea

What is my favourite set on my website? Peekaboo set 

Where is my ideal holiday? Maldives 

What is my favourite meal? Sunday dinner 

Do I have any hobbies? I play netball

Do I prefer cats or dogs? Definitely dogs 

What was my first ever publication? Zoo magazine I won best newcomer 

Who is my celebrity crush? Charlie Hunnam 

How many did you get right??
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