Hi guys, something a little different and interactive today! Try and answer these questions in the comments below as best you can… Answers coming next month! (You may find some clues in previous q+as!)

Stacey xxx

1)What is my favourite colour?

2)What is my bra size?

3)What is my favourite kind of outfit to shoot in?

4)What model past or present would I pick to duo with?

5)What animal would I be and why?

6)What year did my website start?

7)What is my favourite set on my website?

8)Where is my ideal holiday? 

9)What is my favourite meal?

10)Do I have any hobbies?

11)Do I prefer cats or dogs? 

12)What was my first ever publication?

13) Who is my celebrity crush? 

Check back soon to find out the answers!

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